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Our Programs


Awareness creation and sensitization of relevant members of the public on:

Recently, our interest in Malaria and HIV and AIDS remains the focus of engagement for educating health workers and the public through seminars, workshops, Television and Radio jingles, and other means of penetrating the various high – risk segments of our society.

Water and Environmental Sanitation

Our organisation believes in the axiom “Water is Life” and “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. We have in the past partnered with committed organizations, the Local and State Governments in this direction. We have therefore played very active role in identifying communities that have suffered the consequences of water deprivation and ensuring provision of potable water to such.

Sensitizations on the disposal of refuse/wastes have also been ensured in the rural communities. We have also partnered in the formulation of policy for water management for the country.

Women Empowerment

In collaboration with our members and various governments, we have succeeded in empowering quite a lot of women through micro-credit support. About twenty-five women are now sustaining their own businesses through this scheme.

We have held seminars to enlighten women on their political rights. This is impacting positively on the target audience.

People with Physical Disability

No doubt, there is ability in disability. To reinforce this claim, the physically challenged have been receiving enormous support. Health Alive Foundation has been using sport as a means to achieve the objective which essentially is to give hope to the hopeless.

We have identified, and still identifying this category of the society. Provide equipment and training for some of them. The strategy has not only assisted in reducing the menace of beggars on our streets but also brought hope to the beneficiaries. They also believe more in themselves. Their confidence has been boosted tremendously. To sustain this, they will require further support from spirited members of our society and philanthropic organizations.

Sustenance of Peace and the Promotion of Democratic Culture

At the heat of sustaining democracy and peace in the country, our organization found a useful ally in an organization known as Movement for the Sustenance of Democratic Culture (MOSDEC).Seminars, workshops and advocacy visits have been the key strategies for the meeting this desirable objective. Our major focus has been “Violence Free Election” and “Women Participation in Politics”. Sensitization of Women and Youth Empowerment has been our operational approach for achieving our objectives in this direction.

Our Approach

We develop programs based on the findings of assessment exercise, priority need of individual, community or even a whole Local Government Area. The initiative is followed by execution:

To successfully execute the programs, training of trainers (TOT), advocacy visits, enlightenment and sensitisation seminars, workshops as related to the thematic areas are employed. Networking and collaboration with development partners, locally, national or international are strategies often adopted to successfully accomplish our set objectives.


Collaboration with development partners is the prerequisite for NGOs the world over. The collaboration could be with international bodies, philanthropic individual or nations. Our organisation while believing in this, also believe in networking with other civil Societies. This approach has strengthened our activities and also played a major role in stemming duplication of activities. Networking has always provided information sources. Health Alive Foundation belongs to:

Over the years, HAF has also developed and nurtured positive relationship with donor agencies both at the local and national level, a development that had engendered trust and its involvement in various developmental Programs. These agencies include Society for Family Health (SFH), InterGender Development Centre and Yakubu Gowon Centre (YGC), Association of Nigerians in Seattle, USA, Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) and State & Federal Ministries, Department and Agencies.

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