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Our Corporate Structure

We have a well-established and structured management. The Board of Trustees comprises of 7 persons that meets once in a year to discuss on how to sustain the organization and mobilize resources towards the achievement of the vision and mission of the organization. Also, there is the Management Board which comprises 7 persons that provides necessary advice and guidance to the Programme Management Team and the CEO. The CEO, who heads the Programme Management Team, is also a designated member of the Management Board. The Programme Management Team comprises the Programs unit, Monitoring and Evaluation, Finance, Administrative unit and Procurement and Logistic Unit.

The Programme Management Unit (PMU) coordinates the planning, budgeting, executing and reporting of various projects. It involves making sure that deliverables on various intervention components of a project which may include supply chain, capacity building and behavior change communication are timely and appropriately delivered to meet the project targets. PMU is also responsible for attending forums and presenting project reports to donors.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Division develops the performance framework of a specific project with very clear outline of the deliverables and timeline for accomplishment. The division defines and measures the project input, processes, output, and outcome and possibly conducts an impact evaluation in projects where it is demanded. It routinely monitors project progress and systematically gathers data for decision making. It reviews the project occasionally and makes sure that the project is on the right track. The M & E department works closely with the PMU on every project in making sure that project is delivered with the targets achieved in an efficient and timely manner.

The Finance Unit of HAF is responsible for organizing the financial and accounting affairs including the preparation and presentation of appropriate accounts, and the provision of financial information for CBO. It controls expenditures, receipting and depositing of all funds, accounting for all assets and project expenditure. The division is in charge of all internal and external financial reporting.

The Administrative Unit is in charge of the day – to – day activities of the organization. The department maintains all assets of the organization and carries out allocation of all equipment and assets to staff. The department is in charge of procurement, inventory and management of office consumables and equipment and provides general administrative and office support to the organization.

Human Resource Unit is in charge of the management of the workforce of CBO. It is responsible for the attraction, selection, training, and assessment and rewarding of employees, while also overseeing organizational leadership and culture and ensuring compliance with employment laws.

Core Strategies

Behaviour Change Communication (BCC): Through constructive engagement of the community leaders and particularly the inhabitants, HAF concentrates its effort at mobilizing and supporting the community to identify, devise sustainable strategies to address their health needs in order to promote the adoption of better health seeking behaviours amongst the community members and ensuring they take responsibility for their own health. HAF also advocates for community leaders to mobilise resources from within the community to support community – led projects.

Capacity Building and Mentorship: Through holistic training and mentoring programs, HAF builds the capacity of her partners in the delivery of quality service. The organization also provides the needed technical and financial support as part of system strengthening activities to the organisations so that they can independently access funds from other sources.

Grant Management: Through our grant management activities with support from the Global Fund, we have been able to partner with over 420 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and in the process strengthened their systems to coordinate and implement quality community level interventions all over the country. This has massively contributed to the improvement in the overall health status of the general populace. HAF has systems consisting of performance management, grant reporting, procurement, accounting, external audits, rules and procedures and qualified staff that ensures grants are managed appropriately and according to set standard.

Our Team

Dr. Kabir Adekunle Durowade (CEO & Board Member)
Dr. Kabir Adekunle Durowade is the Chief Executive Officer of HAF; he is responsible for the day to day management and operations of the organisation and ensures the maintenance of high standards in the provision and delivery of services. He forecast the need for technical and programmatic assistance from external sources in close liason. A Consultant Community/Public Health Physician, he trained as a Medical Doctor and earned his Master’s in Public Health from University of Ilorin. He holds postgraduate fellowships of the West African College of Physicians’ (FWACP) and the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (FMCPH). He is a member of National and international professional bodies such as APHPN, ISID, AASCIT ; and his area of interest include Reproductive Health, Infectious and Non-communicable diseases.

Mr. Abiodun Omoloja (Program Director / Technical Advisor)
Abiodun is a seasoned professional with about a decade of public health experience in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of quality beneficiary – led programs that are sustainable and replicable. Over the years, he has acquired rich experience in providing technical leadership in the design, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of various beneficiary – led projects most especially in the areas of Behavior Change Communication, HIV Testing and Counselling, Sexual Transmission Prevention Interventions for key populations and vulnerable groups, Biomedical Interventions with major focus on injection safety, blood safety and healthcare waste management, Positive Health Dignity Prevention Intervention for People Living with HIV and Grants management. He is a graduate of Microbiology and currently running a MPH Program with Peoples-Uni. He is also a member of the International AIDS Society (IAS).

Mr. Owoyomi Oladipo Israel (Program Manager)
As the Program Manager, he works independently and collaboratively with other staff to plan, manage, and implement activities in the following areas: public health programming, research and evaluation, meeting design and coordination, grant/contract management, report writing, and publications/materials development. He supervises and coordinates all project activities through effective supervision of staff and effective project management to meet program objectives. He is a graduate of Environmental management and Toxicology from the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. He is a Health Education specialist and has been involved in series of trainings, some of which include project management, advanced M&E training and an international workshop on monitoring ∓ evaluation of public health programs and use of stata application package. His community leadership role remains one of our strongest assets in the organization and has the ability to communicate with signs for the Deaf & Dumb and the Blind inclusive. He is well experienced in programming, management, monitoring & evaluation and social development.

Mr. Joseph Bakare (Monitoring and Evaluation Manager)
As M&E Manager, Bakare ensures the generation of data for the project’s Performance Monitoring Plans (PMP), monitor project indicators; and ensure quality and best practices in the overall data management and data reporting at different levels for improved planning. He promotes data demand and information use (DDIU) which are critical to improving the effectiveness and sustainability of the health system through evidence-based decision-making. He is a graduate of human physiology, a Public Health Expert; and an experienced data analyst. He attended several trainings and workshops on Result based Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Design and Proposal Development. He was Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the Global Fund Round-9 Community Tuberculosis Care (CTBC) project (GF /R9/HAF). Prior to his employment at HAF, he worked as the Program Manager for Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC), Ilorin for seven years. Currently, he is the Monitoring & Evaluation Officer for GF NFM TB-ACF.

Mr. Agboola Ezekiel (Finance Manager)
As Finance Manager, he manages and supervises Project Accountants, provides finance schedules to auditors, prepares monthly and other periodic financial and management accounts, donor budget monitoring reports. He is also responsible for communications on financial matters with the Senior Management Team, HAF’s Board, Donors and other relevant stakeholders. Agboola has a Higher National Diploma in Accounting and he is an Associate Member, Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ACA), with ability to operate various kinds of accounting software. His knowledge and experience have been very advantageous to the organization, as he is well trained on technology competence initiative, e-pay and excel. He has over five years’ experience in hospitality industry before joining Health Alive Foundation.

Mr. Olaniyi Timothy Olukunle (Admin./HR Manager)
Olaniyi Timothy is responsible for organizing and coordinating office operations and procedures in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Maintain office efficiency by planning and implementing office systems, layouts, and equipment procurement. Supervise the overall logistics, purchases, equipment procurement, IT services and maintenance. He also review and maintain human resources management policies for the organisation. He holds a master degree in Business Administration (MBA) and Higher National Diploma in Computer Science from the Ladoke Akintola University and Osun State Polytechnic, Iree respectively. He has extensive experience working in the banking sector at the administrative and operations unit at regional and branch offices. A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant Nigeria (ICAN) and the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), his administrative and computer skills has been of useful advantage to the organization. His hobbies are reading, and researching.

Sanyaolu Olutosin (Program Officer, GF/TB-ACF Project)
As Program Officer for ACF Project, Sanyaolu Olutosin is responsible for the day to day management and operations of the Global Fund supported Active Case Finding (ACF) Project. She ensures the maintenance of high standards in the delivery of services and implementation of the project activities. A public health expert with vast experiences in capacity building, program planning, program implementation and data management. She has her capacity built on needs assessment and research which are valuable to the organization. She has been involved in various community projects. She holds a degree in Human Physiology from the University of Ilorin and a master’s degree in Public health, university of Ibadan.

Dr. Oke, Rasheedat Adebimpe (Program Officer, GF/ MDR_TB)
As program officer (MDR_TB) she is responsible for supporting the implementation of strategic, impactful, and high-quality activities on the Global Fund supported Community Multi-Drugs Resistant Tuberculosis (CMDR-TB) project by Collaborating with the State, LGAs and treatment Centers/health facility / community on MDR- TB teams including sub-sub recipients (SSRs) in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of project deliverables. She is a seasoned professional with public health experience in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs that are sustainable and replicable. She is a graduate of Medicine from University of Ilorin with Master degree in Health Planning and Management. She has been involving in management of ATM diseases including data collation and evaluation. She is a member of Association of Public Health Physician of Nigeria, Nigeria Medical Association, and Medical Women Association of Nigeria among others.

Mr. Onitiju Olalekan (Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, MDR_TB)
He is a Monitoring and Evaluation professional with Postgraduate degree in Demography and Social Statistics from Obafemi Awolowo University. He has experience of planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of public health interventions with special reference to TB, HIV ∓ AIDS and Malaria Control Program. Prior to joining HAF, He had work with Malaria Consortium as The Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant and as a Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Advisor with The Society for Family Health (SFH), Nigeria on Enhancing Nigeria’s Response to HIV/AIDS Programme (ENR). He also worked as a Senior Program Officer on The Global Fund (GF), HIV Behavioural Change Communication Project among Most at Risk Population (MARPs) in South-South Nigeria, Senior Program Officer (GF HIV) at SFH Nigeria in South-West Nigeria and as Database Administrator with HARVARD PEPFAR/APIN. He also has experience in database development and design (File Maker Pro, MS-Excel and MS-Access), customizing and deploying M&E tools to monitor and evaluate program intervention growth and impact (PM&E, FGD, KII, etc.), has experience in using data collection and statistical tools (Epi-Data, DHIS, SPSS, CSPro) He is currently Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in charge of Global Fund supported MDR-TB project.

Mr. Raheem Jamiu Lanre (Project Accountant, MDR-TB)
As Project Accountant, Raheem Jamiu provides technical assistance in financial, accounting and administrative matters relating to the implementation global fund supported MDR-TB project. He oversees general financial management of the project grants and is responsible for grants financial reporting, budget analysis, and enforcement of HAF regulation expenditures. Raheem Jamiu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a National Diploma in accounting and currently undergoing his ICAN training, he has excellent skills in planning and organization and an ability to use accounting software packages especially quick book. He worked with Wema Bank Plc at the regional office as the assistant cash officer during his service year and his experience has been tremendously useful in our account department.

Olasupo Bukola Oyenike (Account Assistant)
As an Account Assistant, Olasupo Bukola is responsible for basic book keeping and running calculations to ensure that records and payments are correct. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Accounting and a National Diploma in accounting. Prior to her employment, she was the Accountant to Shepherd for Health Environment Advocacy and Development Centre (NGO) and Admin/Account Executive for Deloy Consulting, Ibadan. She is vast in the use of accounting software such as Quick Book, Peachtree Accounting, MS-Excel. Her hobby is reading and meeting people. She is currently Accountant on Global Fund supported TB_ACF project.

Abioye Babatunde (Program Officer)
Abioye Babatunde holds a Bachelor degree in Microbiology from University of Ilorin and a member of America Society for Microbiology. He is experienced in Program design and implementation. He was the program officer and team member that implemented the World Bank Health System Development Project II (HIV/AIDS Fund) in four LGAs of Kwara State. He is currently the HAF Lead IPC implementing GF/SFH/ACOMIN Malaria eradication (House to House Campaign) Project.

Jamiu Rashidat Olanike (Monitoring Officer)
Jamiu Rashidat is a Monitoring and Evaluation professional with Higher National Diploma in Statistics from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. She has experience of monitoring, reporting and evaluation of public health interventions. She was the Monitoring and Evaluation officer and team member that implemented the World Bank Health System Development Project II (HIV/AIDS Fund) in four LGAs of Kwara State. She is currently the HAF Lead IPC implementing GF/SFH/ACOMIN Malaria eradication (House to House Campaign) Project.

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