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Our Story

Health Alive Foundation (HAF) is a national, non-governmental organization established in 1999 with headquarters in Ilorin, Kwara State. We were registered with the state in 2002 and subsequently with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2004. The vision of the organization is to keep health alive and make life fulfilling and meaningful for all.

Within its fourteen years of existence, the organization has successfully managed and implemented developmental projects in all states across the Federation including the FCT. Some of the novel initiatives include Malaria, TB control, women development/empowerment, women reproductive health including male involvement, HIV and AIDS projects at community settings and workplace, community/market based distribution of health services, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) (Life Planning Education/Family Life Education) projects and setting up of Model Service Centres (HTC, Family Planning Clinics and Youth Friendly Centers). Others include Home based care for Malaria, Distribution of Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs). Role Model Mother Training and sensitization of mothers on Intermittent Preventive Treatment for pregnant women.

HAF has institutionalized the community based approach to program implementation and this approach has successfully led to the ownership and sustainability of the projects, built the capacity of community members to serve as agents of change and development within their communities which has greatly contributed to the improvement of health outcomes of the project beneficiaries (the community members most especially the marginalized and vulnerable populations including women and children).

HAF has worked extensively on Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis control initiatives and we are currently a Sub-Recipient of the Global Fund Tuberculosis (TB) Project Grant under Association for Reproductive and Family Heath (ARFH) and Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (IHVN) on the Community Programme Management of Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) which was implemented in all states across the federation. On the ARFH project, we anchored the Community TB Care component of the grant in 23 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The project was able to engage community structures to strengthen community –health system linkage, identify presumptive TB cases, provided improved quality of care and reduction in prevalence rate of TB.

Over the years, HAF has consolidated her technical expertise on health promotion, Advocacy and Community Social Mobilization, capacity building for target audience, strengthening of the health and community systems for the improved service delivery as well as to promote ownership and sustainability of the projects implemented by the organization.

Our Vision

To keep health alive, make life meaningful and fulfilling for all.

Our Mission

To provide Service with integrity to humanity through education, promotion and implementation of programs that enhance health indices of women, children and the Nigeria Society at large.

Core Strategies

Behaviour Change Communication (BCC): Through constructive engagement of the community leaders and particularly the inhabitants, HAF concentrates its effort at mobilizing and supporting the community to identify, devise sustainable strategies to address their health needs in order to promote the adoption of better health seeking behaviours amongst the community members and ensuring they take responsibility for their own health. HAF also advocates for community leaders to mobilise resources from within the community to support community – led projects.

Capacity Building and Mentorship: Through holistic training and mentoring programs, HAF builds the capacity of her partners in the delivery of quality service. The organization also provides the needed technical and financial support as part of system strengthening activities to the organisations so that they can independently access funds from other sources.

Grant Management: Through our grant management activities with support from the Global Fund, we have been able to partner with over 420 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and in the process strengthened their systems to coordinate and implement quality community level interventions all over the country. This has massively contributed to the improvement in the overall health status of the general populace. HAF has systems consisting of performance management, grant reporting, procurement, accounting, external audits, rules and procedures and qualified staff that ensures grants are managed appropriately and according to set standard.

Partnership and Networking: HAF placed much emphasis on partnership and collaboration with development partners as a prerequisite for improved service delivery. This collaboration has, over the time, been with international bodies, philanthropic individual and or societies/associations. Our organisation while believing in this, also believe in networking with other civil Societies. This approach has strengthened our activities and also played a major role in stemming duplication of activities and improved the coverage of our programs

System Strengthening: HAF believes in development of strong links and coordination between different systems and actors working towards the shared goal of improving health. HAF ensures establishment of mechanisms through which systems can interact, coordinate and deliver responses to identified challenges.

Operation Research: Equally important to us is our data. From our different project implementation, data is collected, organized and analysed statistically to generate information. Such information so generated is used to develop practical and sustainable solutions to identified challenges. The information is gathered a variety of sources using technical expertise weighs the costs and benefits of alternative solutions or approaches and recommends the best solution that will enhance the quality of the project being implemented and also ensures the feasibility of any project the organization plans to embark on.

Supply Chain Management: As part of initiatives to enhance consistent and reliable or better service delivery, HAF ensures a seamless supply chain process that supports logistics arrangement for the transportation and distribution of health commodities either to the health facilities or directly to the clients that we serve.

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